Take that first step towards inner peace by joining us at MASTERS OF CALM - Yoga, Meditation, Lectures, Massages, Live music, Healthy Living & Consciousness Festival. Yoga is for everyone, so come along and start your journey.

Here you will experience the adventure of your life and undoubtedly will come back home a changed person. Here you’ll meet real friends. Maybe even your other half. Maybe these things and more. Here, everything is possible. Dreams can come true immediately, if you ask for it sincerely. ‘Miracle’ is an everyday word.

The main goal of the festival is to raise understanding and awareness of oneself. There will be vegetarian food served at this family-friendly festival, and the entire weekend is alcohol-free. This is a perfect place to rest and relax, away from the noise of the city.

We wait for everyone - for the ones who have already found their path and for the ones who are still looking for it. Every journey starts with one step.

***Make your first step today!***


Moksha Yoga - Yoga Nindra - Ashtanga Yoga - Laughter Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Traditional Shivam Yoga - Integral Yoga - Pranayama Yoga - Yin Yoga - Pregnancy Yoga - Shamanic Yoga dance.

Also as additional:

Art of self hypnosis - Bach Flower Dance - Drummin circle - Meditations - Sound Bath - Osho Dynamic meditation - Family Vision Board - Zumba - Family Constelation - Lectures.

Why should I be at the festival?


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