Dearest MOC Friends,

With a very heavy heart, we have accepted that it is not feasible for this year’s Masters of Calm – Summer Family Festival to go ahead at the end of August (as we already changed dates hoping for improvements in given the situation). While the lockdown restrictions have been lifting and the UK (North Of Ireland) Government Roadmap accelerated, there is still no concrete information surrounding the holding of mass gatherings in August this year.

We have waited, not out of blind optimism, but being small and somewhat nimble meant we could hold to try and make the final decision with as much real-time information as possible.

Following consultation with many people who live in NI and the relevant government departments, unfortunately, at this point, we feel the only responsible course of action is to cancel. We know that everyone was very hopeful that Masters of Calm Festival could be the end-of-lock-down party to beat all. However, we have to be realistic and take into consideration the health and safety of our MOC Family Members, Teachers, Guests and their families, as well as the local Hare Krishna community.

We are so very appreciative of your support, and we hope to return in 2021 with the Summer Family Festival – Masters of Calm 2021 we’ve all been craving. All ticket holders will be offered a full refund or save Your place for next year – Masters of Calm Festival 2021. We want to take a moment at this point to say THANK YOU. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Right now, our small business, among so many others in our industry, is feeling the effects of this shutdown. We need your support more than ever, so please continue to follow us on social media, stay up to date with all things Masters of Calm Ireland, and keep doing Yoga, keep meditating and calm Yourselves by connecting with Nature!

Please contact us by email info@mastersofcalm.ie for refund or transfer (for next year festival) options.

We are very appreciative of your continuing support, patience, understanding, and kind words as we came to this decision over the past while.

We are looking forward to doing Yoga, meditating, singing, and being together with all MOC FAMILY soon again.

Lots of Love,

MOC Team x


Healthy Living & Consciousness Family Festival

The main goal of the festival is to raise understanding and awareness of oneself. There will be vegetarian food served at this family-friendly festival, and the entire weekend is alcohol-free. This is a perfect place to rest and relax, away from the noise of the city. We welcome everyone – the ones who have already found their path and the ones who are still looking for it. Every journey starts with one step.








Masters Of Calm Family

Life Changing Adventure

Want to lend a hand at the mindful moving circus that is Masters Of Calm Ireland? Curious about what happens behind the scenes at our events? Apply to be a Masters Of Calm Ireland Volunteer – Family Member!

We are a volunteer driven event and without your help all of this wouldn’t be possible.

Our volunteer teams get an inside look at the workings of the festival and are an essential part of making it a life-changing experience for our attendees.


Nature & Peace

At Masters of Calm Ireland, you will camp on the ground between the woodland and shores of Inis Rath Island. We have a large field open for everyone and a walled garden ideal for families with young children.


During this fun filled 3 days Masters of Calm festival, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and classes in different types of yoga practices. 


Various lectures from masters art of self hypnosis, bach flower dance, drumming circle, family constellation and spirituality will be present.


Late night gatherings with live music.


Stay Up To Date With The Latest Updates and Event Info


What items should be taken to the festival?
  • sThe tent
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Water bottle
  • 2 pairs of comfortable shoes and rubber boots
  • Raincoat and / or jacket
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sportswear and the exercise mat
  • Some clothes for the Holi festival – the ones that can be thrown away afterwards, because the holi powder is very hard to wash away. Also if your hair is blond, you should cover it, because Holi powder might leave some marks there for a long time 🙂
  • Some mosquito spray or other items, that help to prevent mosquito bites (the best is to wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants)
  • Towel
  • Everything you need for your personal hygiene. Our festival is environment-friendly, therefore we encourage you to use ecological, nature-friendly products.
  • Sun protection (SPF cream, covering of the head)
  • Flashlight
  • Your own plate, cup, spoon, fork (we encourage you not to use the plastic plates), for extra ECO CHARGE we will provide You Earth Friendly accessories.
  • Swimming costume
  • Headphones 
  • Notes and pen
  • Also don’t forget to bring your openness for the changes, knowledge, communication and sincerity 🙂
Can I return the ticket?
  • If there is no changes from the side of the festival (the festival date and place didn’t change), then the tickets are not refundable. We encourage you to find a friend or somebody, who would like to buy the ticket from you (our Masters of Calm Facebook page might be helpful for his).
Is it possible to sell my own items or do some private sessions in the festivals? (some handwork and etc.)
  • Yes – we invite all the artists, artisans and creative people to join the market and sell their own creations (except the food). We are waiting for your messages and your portfolios: aidas@mastersofcalm.ie
What meals will be provided in the festival?

We will be serving hot, healthy, various and vegetarian, vegan food*. We will all be having meals together, therefore food will be distributed 3 times a day at a fixed time.

If someone want to have some hot drink or treat Your self with Hand Made cake, we have all day working coffee/tea shop.

*Food is not included in the ticket price.

List of hotels and B&B’s near Derrilyn.

Accommodation outside the island is your own responsibility.


There will be a separate area in the festival, where you will be able to put your own tent. 

NO CAMPER VANS, CARS or any other vecihle allowed in Island.

I want to give a class on something or lead some sports (yoga or any other excercises) - what should I do?

Just write us an e-mail (teachers@mastersofcalm.ie) and tell us about your experience, explain what would you like to share with the people and also, if possible, send us some links about that.

Can I bring my own pet?

No. We kindly ask to leave your pets at home.

Can I volunteer in the festival or help in any other means?

We already have the volunteers’ team for this year festival, but if you are super enthusiastic about volunteering and have the vision how you’d like to contribute to the festival, just write to us: aidas@mastersofcalm.ie

Will there be any showers and toilets?

There will be bio toilets in the area of the festival; also there will be “hand-made” ecological showers 🙂 Also you can always refresh in the big and clean lake, which is nearby, but we kindly ask you not to use any shampoos, soaps and etc. while bathing there.

I’m a journalist and I want to make photos, film or write about your festival. Who should I contact about it?
Useful information

Festival will be held in beautiful Island, located in Inis Rath Island, 150 km from Dublin Airport, 85 km from Belfast Airport. Event location accessible by car. Parking will be outside for free. Please bring you sleeping bag and tent. It will be full day activities and entertainment. Please do not bring any alcohol or drugs as Masters Of Calm is a Family Friendly Festival in Ireland. Masters of Calm event is not associated with any religious groups. We encourages spiritualism and well being in general. Families with kids are more than welcome. There will be safe environment for the kids. It will be amazing 3 days/2 nights!

See You all here!

LOCATION: Derrylin, Enniskillen BT92 9GN, North Of Ireland.


GPS: 54.192349,  -7.484520900000007


Photo’s from previous festival’s 


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