Michele Hallahan

Michele Hallahan is a sustainability consultant, based in Ireland.  She has written and consulted on environmental practices that better the planet and our health, for over 20 years in both the USA and Ireland. Having been diagnosed with endometriosis in her early thirties, she immediately eliminated most common household toxins and improved her diet to successfully manage the extreme pain associated with endometriosis.  She has practised meditation for over 25 years, yoga for over 20 years and is also qualified as a Qi Gong teacher. She holds a Master of Environmental Science and a Certificate in Permaculture Design as well as being a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). She currently advises Trinity College on sustainability and works with businesses on environmental management.

Noeleen Tyrrell

Ard Nahoo is a family business, run by Noeleen Tyrrell and Brendan Murphy, who live here with their sons, Daragh and Eoin. We have been open since June 2001, and have grown from a relatively small health farm to an award winning eco retreat.

The business began when Noeleen was pregnant with Daragh, and wanted to move her therapeutic business from Sligo to Ard Nahoo, where they had been living for seven years. After converting the main house from a three walled ruin (and shifting the cows that had taken residence) they moved their attention on to the barn, which is now the main building. Over the years this has grown from an old stone structure to a fantastic centre, with two treatment rooms, a green room, changing area, yoga studio and Uisce Area.

2007 saw us undertake a massive renovation. As well as extending the health farm to include a new yoga studio and indoor/outdoor wet area, we built two new Eco Cabins. The build was conducted using green principles under the guidance of a fantastic architect, Peter Cowman (www.livingarchitecture.com). We used sustainable cedar from neighbouring county Donegal, hemp insulation, limited concrete, no petro chemicals and natural paints throughout. All Eco Cabins are heated using pellet stoves, and come with an underground recycling facility. Compost bins are collected regularly and very welcome on our organic vegetable patch!

In 2008 we were used as a case study by Failte Ireland in their report ‘Review of Environmental Good Policy and Practice in the Tourism Industry’. Read the report here. Catherine Mack also included us as a case study in her excellent book ‘Ecoescapes Ireland’.

Claire – Louse Knifton

I am a Facilitator of Vital Development, Vital Danza and Dancing the Rainbow who has danced passionately since the age of 2 years!

Previously a Counsellor now practising as a Clairvoyant, Psychic Consultant and Reiki Master I bring my love of the esoteric to my TranscenDance workshops, inviting the Ancestors, Spirit and The Angels to accompany us as we journey into altered states in the movement and dance.

Paddy Bronsnan

Paddy is a mindfulness & meditation teacher, inspirational speaker and author.

In his early thirties, Paddy experienced a radical shift in how he wanted to live his life. This marked the beginning of an intense inward journey of spiritual development. He left the world of business and devoted the next several years to developing his awareness through the practice of mindfulness and meditation and is honoured to include The Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh and The Ven. Panchen Otrul Rinpoche among his teachers and inspirations. In the years since, he has devoted himself to understanding and deepening this transformation.

Paddy’s teachings are simple but at the same time profound. At the heart of this is a very direct and accessible insight into how the development of awareness can ultimately bring us a deeper sense of contentment and happiness. This simple message, delivered with humour and compassion has helped countless people find inner peace and fulfilment in their lives.

He is a sought after public speaker and travels extensively delivering workshops and retreats as well as visiting schools to encourage mindfulness in children. His next book – “This Works, How Mindfulness Changes Your Life” (published by Hay House) is available from October 2018.

Shauna Molloy

I originally worked in Business and Graphic Design. After I had my 2 children I discovered my love for yoga and it has given me a greater sense of peace and joy. I am a qualified Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher.

My own regular yoga practice and the experience of teaching yoga to children in local schools has been extremely rewarding and is something I am very passionate about. I have undertaken 100 hours Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher training with the Elbow Room in Dublin.


Sukhada has been doing Reiki since 1999 and does it because she wants to help people and in the past she had  health issues.

Kasheba – Macha Shewolf

Macha was always a mover but her professional career in Dance & Circus started later in life.

Time has passed that life of Circus carried Macha towards different direction over 7 years ago she started with Poi and tumbled into Aerial, HulaHoop, Dance, Fire Performance, AcroYoga, Clown, Acrobatics

She focused on Dance excessively since 2014 . Training in Tribal Belly dance, Contemporary, Butoh, Somatic Movement, African, Martial Arts, Yoga, Shamanic Practice. Since her music came second she is now re-establishing her music and hoping to have album out by the end of the year. Her passion is to blend all her skills together.

Currently performing nationally with movement/ dance / clown / fire performance & voice work, her focusing at the moment is a show on the large scale, it will be an exciting time for her future.

Coaching is huge important factor for Macha as she has coached in the Equine Competition world for over 14 yrs. Now teaching- Tribal Fusion Dance & Hula Hoop/Poi/Acroyoga & Equine Vaulting in Cork & Festivals / Events in Ireland to Adults & Children

Marie Angeline Lascaux

Marie Angeline Lascaux is an intuitive healer with over 25 years’ experience in the holistic field, combining Hatha Yoga, Dance, Spiritual Healing, Shamanism and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. She works from an inner place of knowing leading people to their inner self with love, great energy, and sensitivity, guiding each person to their potential.

Marie Angeline has been living in Dublin since 1992.

She has 18 years’ experience of  coaching  stress reducing techniques and team building exercises which she tailors to the needs of my clients be that individuals or groups of all ages and backgrounds. She is committed to deliver quality tuition tailored to the needs of groups and individuals, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage positive changes in people’s lives. In promoting health and well-being, she is offering a model of healthy living with effective, easy to use stress reducing techniques, concentration exercises, and physical fitness tailored to the needs of each group.


Lindsay Fulton

Lindsay is a student and teacher of hatha yoga, with particular passions for ashtanga, aerial and acroyoga which have helped her grow in strength, flexibility, fearlessness and contentment both on and off the mat.

She has completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and has undertaken further intensive trainings in Aerial Yoga (Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training) and Acroyoga (Acroyoga International Immersions). 

Lindsay’s passion for yoga shines through in her life and her teaching style. Her classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt. She aims to have you stepping off your mat/out of your aerial hammock with a smile that starts from the inside out.

Simas Skuzinskas

Helping YOU to overcome the obstacles that hold You back to achieve Your dreams, to act upon Your ideas and the impulses of Your Heart, Your Own Inner Signal SO that You can live a passionate and purpose-driven life!  

I use ReBirthing (Conscious Breathing) as a tool to serve You on Your Journey, as the Air holds as alive on this planet. ReBirthing helps to access the depth of the problems, identify them through continuous breathing, accept and embrace them, and consciously rise above this all to let them go – and here creating the SPACE for new! I love one citation of Viktor E.Frankl, who has nothing to do with ReBirthing, but his words PRECISELY summarised this technique: “Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  

ReBirthing is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE tools to Create That Space.

My Own Journey started with this practice. And I am blessed to share this with YOU now.

SIMAS SKUZINSKAS – Certified ReBirthing Instructor, Transformation Coach, Mentor.

Linda Martin

Linda started to practice Kundalini Yoga after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a life long digestive illness in 2008. After just 1 class she went from constant fatigue to vitality and a month later she signed up to the teacher training so she could learn why it worked and what made it so powerful. Almost 10 years later Linda is still learning, and while doing so, loves to share the deep transformative practice of Kundalini Yoga with others who may be looking for some change in their life. Each class will bring you closer to who you really are.

Most recently Linda has moved her passion online with The Kundalini Revolution. She wants to take Kundalini Yoga into the mainstream in Ireland.

Marcella Gilliland

Marcella lives in County Down, she runs Community Tribal Drummers. She facilitates drum and percussion workshops with lots of groups, all ages, all abilities, all in the name of having fun, connecting with our selves and others making ‘in the moment’ music. The workshops are beginner friendly and very creative, perfect for raising the feel good factor at any gathering.

Catherine Bernard

Catherine teach Hatha / flow yoga, restorative/gentle yoga, yoga Nidra. encompassing yoga and mindfulness.

Eliana Valentini

Traditional Dances from the South of Italy

Through the fast and energetic rhythm of Pizzica dance (originally from Lecce area) the slow and earthy steps of Tammurriata dance (originally from Naples area) the joyful Montemaranese Carnival dance and more, we will experience the ties that link body, soul, music and earth.

Eliana has been experiencing these traditional dances and music since 15 years. Several journeys to the South of Italy reawakened a particular interest about the musical rhythm connected to the ritual of Tarantism. She has learned “Pizzica Pizzica”, Tammurriata and other Tarantellas dancing with some of the most representative musicians and dancers of this sector. 

Eliana also plays two traditional Italian tambourines (tamburello salentino and tammorra napoletana).

Evangeline Bleaney

Evangeline is a Hatha Yoga Teacher based in Cavan who recently completed Advanced Toga training in India. She enjoys practising various styles of Yoga including Vinasya, Ashtanga and traditional Hatha Yoga and brings a combination of these to her strong, alignment based classes.

Gen Kelsang Chitta

Gen Kelsang Chitta is an ordained Kadampa Buddhist nun and has been a student of Buddhist Master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for over 14 years. As Resident Teacher at Belfast’s Potala Kadampa Buddhist Centre, she is renowned for both her compassion and practicality when it comes to delivering the profound teachings of the Dharma.

Gen Chitta invites you to join in on a guided meditation session and explore the unlimited potentials of the mind. These simple yet profound methods for discovering inner peace are at the core of the Kadampa Tradition, offering everyone the opportunity to actualise their potential and bring more harmony and happiness into their daily lives.

Imelda Lyons

Imelda Lyons is co-founder of Lyons’ den along with her husband Dennis Lyons. The company offers Yoga, Mindfulness, Chi Running, Strength and Conditioning and Physical therapy.  Imelda holds  a Masters in French Psychoanalytic literature(2008), a B.Sc in Psychology (2013), a Higher Diploma in Education (2003) and a BA in European Studies (2000). She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga teacher (2013) and a Yoga Alliance Registered Hatha Yoga teacher (2017). She has studied Mindful Eating with Megrette Fletcher of the Center for Mindful Eating (2017) and is a Professional member of the Center for Mindful Eating.

Imelda has experience leading adult workshops and courses on the topic of Mindful eating plus workshops in general mindfulness and meditation. She believes that the current obesity crisis is entirely reversible, when one employs the tools of conscious presence and intuitive action into ones eating experience.

Essie Millie

Founder of Kilkenny School of Yoga, Essie is a Yoga Alliance Certified Senior Teacher (500 hours) who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and who has been teaching full

time for 15. Essie is also qualified as a Yoga Therapist, and most recently as a Holistic Massage Therapist. She is a mother of 4.

Essie is a dedicated and compassionate teacher with experience in many different fields of practice. However, it is the combining of Vinyasa Yoga with the deep healing benefits of Yoga Therapy that she has dedicated the last 10 years of her yoga teaching life to. Essie is committed to using yoga in order to help people improve their day to day physical and mental state. She is a female pelvic floor specialist and approaching yoga with special understanding of female anatomy and enhancing feminine power is her passion.

Essie has her own intuitive and knowledgeable teaching style and enjoys the patronage of many yoga teachers who continue to learn from her on a weekly basis as well as attending her workshops. She teaches in a clear and anatomical way imparting knowledge with joy and enthusiasm. Essie is also the course director of the school’s Yoga Teacher Training program.

Katie O’Byrne

Katie OBryne teach Hatha Yoga which includes Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Mindfull Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Meditation

I have also created a Chakra Balancing Workshop which combines a restorative yoga sequence, with meditation and mantras to learn what the chakras are, and how to balance them bringing us back into alignment with our true self’s. Empowering you to reach a new level of consciousness gaining valuable information that will enable you to live with more energy, vitality and higher vibrations so that you can live the life you were meant to without blockages and energy attachments weighing you down.
This workshop will bring balance back to the body getting the channels of energy flowing, helping you to feel motivated to reach your full potential.
Who is this class for?
Anyone who wants to reconnect to them self’s and feel more relaxed, focused and alive! You do not need any yoga or meditation experience.
What to expect in the class?
We will learn about the 7 main chakras and how they connect to us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Siobhan Rose

An RYT500 Siobhan is a passionate yogi with a commitment for sharing the joy of yoga with others. Siobhan started her yoga journey in 2011 and has been teaching for 2 years. Her teaching style focuses on breathing control and alignment, with lots of variations offered to enable everybody to feel freedom and enjoyment from the class.

Tatjana Simakova

Mindfulness Through Art Workshop

Learn to Meditate and be Creative!

‘Mindfulness through Art’ workshops are designed to aid personal growth through mindful creativity. The workshops are a wonderful way to turn off our ‘busy’ minds, get messy and create without expectations; to simply be in the moment.

Some people come because they simply love art and wish to tap into a reserve of creative energy. Others come because they are going through a challenging time and hope to process emotions, learn coping skills, relax and heal.

Danni Cullen

Danni is an actress who found yoga and has love for Ashtanga. With the stress and uncertainty of the acting world, yoga was the one thing that kept her same. she’s been practising Ashtanga for past 5 years, however she loves to teach Vinyasa where she can play and create strong but fun classes.
Danni has completed her Ashtanga Vinyasa 500hrs yoga teacher training course in India in 2017 and since then she’s been teaching yoga in various countries like India, Bali, Spain and Morocco. 
This June, we are happy to have her back here in Ireland for a new adventure.

Niall McGuigan

Niall Mc Guigan is a musician and music therapist from Castleblayney, Co.Monaghan, Ireland. After performing in a variety of bands ranging from metal, grunge, rock, funk & reggae over the past fourteen years Niall is embarking on his first album as a solo artist.

His debut album “Awareness” is a collection of songs written over a period of six years expressing experiences of travel, education and self-discovery. Similar to the authenticity and compassion can be achieved as it helps to uncover the endless depth to our human experience.

Yogi Cho & Pamela Skinner

Yogi Cho is the Principal of The Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy. He has been a Martial Arts & Yoga practitioner for over 40 years and is an experienced teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Healing Sounds, Ling Chi Healing Art, Meditation and YogiChild.

Pamela is the co-creator of The Universal Energy Arts and YogiChild.  She worked in the public sector for several years before embarking on a career that focuses on Energy cultivation & Healing.

Sharon Kirk

Sharon has been delivering workshops and coaching with Compassionate Communication (NVC) for over 3 years, She also teaches Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation techniques under her umbrella company Mindful Living. Her own journey with yoga started over 20 years ago and further deepened over the past 5 years. She has been training in Compassionate Communication for over 7 years. The skills she teaches are much needed in a hierarchical world where we have lost the access to our own inner wisdom.

Eva Butterly

Eva Butterly is an actress, model, bodybuilder, scoliosis warrior and most recently, a qualified Personal Trainer. 

Her journey into fitness began 7 years ago when her brother introduced her to weight lifting. After being diagnosed with severe scoliosis at age 12 Eva underwent 2 spinal fusion operations, which left her with a prominent hump on her back and stunted her growth. 

Through years of consistent weight lifting, Eva has been able to significantly improve her scoliosis, and reduce the curve even further. 

She has gone on to compete in her first bikini bodybuilding competition, landed a role in the HBO hit tv show ‘Game Of Thrones’, and is now working to help other people find their strength through weight lifting and fitness. She is delighted to be on board for Masters Of Calm, inspiring others with a talk and leading a HIIT class.

Marcin Stanek

Music and Sound was always a big part of Marcin’s life.
Since his teenage years he was interested in sound synthesis and fascinated with analogue synthesizers.

This passion gave him deep insights into the vibrational nature of Sound.
Further sound studies led him to big interest in electronic music and organising trance dance events as a DJ. That experience taught him how powerful can be the influence of sound and music on people.

In 1996 Marcin has been exposed to the sound of didgeridoo.

Julia Cross

Julia was born 1972 in Bremen Germany. She is a mother of four children, studied teaching Music and German in Bremen university and moved to Ireland, Co, Down in October 2000.

Her Ienga Yoga training was completed 2008 and she started to teach straight away. She never forgot the ways of Shivananda and found a Satyananda Yoga Teacher (pupil of Shivananda), Michael McCann, who brought her more into the depth of the Yoga philosophy and the spiritual aspect of Yoga. Soon Julia would find her own way of teaching, considering all the different aspects of our being, just as the word Yoga (united, unity) suggests.

Julia is also a musician, a singer and song writer who performs with flute, voice, guitar, drum and other instruments.

She also uses instruments and sound for relaxation and healing facilitations.

 Julia is a chair woman of a seed saving charity called True Harvest Seeds and a co-director of an organic garden business called Debbies Farm. Caring for Earth and living in harmony with nature became more and more important to her in the last years. 

Yoga for Kids

Yoga classes in schools or other places can be arranged for pre-school, primary school children and teenagers. For the younger ages it will be combined with song and story telling. Yoga is very beneficial for strength and mobility of the physical body, balancing of mind and emotions, for connection with soul and spirit and the harmony of all these parts.

Kerry Walker

Kerry Walker’s love for nature and art has brought her on creative journey’s around the world.

As an Art Therapist she has facilitated arts programs around the globe with a focus using art as a tool for integration and awareness.

Now as a certified Forest Therapy guide she runs regular forest therapy walks in Brigit’s Garden, Galway.

Forest Therapy, also known as “Shinrin-Yoku,” refers to the practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness. The practice follows the general principle that it is beneficial to spend time bathing in the atmosphere of the forest. The Japanese words translate into English as “Forest Bathing.”
Forest Therapy walks are gentle guided walks that enhance wellbeing through sensory
connection in nature. Forest Therapy or walks have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood,
boost the immune system and improve sleep.

“The forest is the therapist, the guide opens the door”


Lure Wishes

Lure’s been  assisting women to heal their hearts and lives for over 20 years.  She is committed to the restoration of the planet, and believes the way to this is through both the shifts in our hearts and through our sacred actions.  Trees are planted each time a woman joins one of Lure’s programs.
Lure brings a combination of insight, healing presence and love of nature to her groups and individual programs.  She has a background in energy work, breathwork, wilderness guiding, teaching and community work. Lure supports the work of TreeSisters, in particular the Grove Tenders,  for women who want to start groves in their local communities. Lure is from Australia and is happy to be joining you all here in Ireland at Master’s of Calm on Friday 22nd of June.

Rubina Khan

My healing journey has taken me far and wide and I have learnt so much along the way. From meeting kambo frogs in the amazon jungle to meeting myself at vipassana retreat in new zealand, and everything in between. I have experienced what has helped me and what I can pass on.

Kambo is the best gift I’ve been given, I am honoured be able to help people with it. I also gather the best medicines along the way ones that work for me and many others based on the good feedback I often get.

Many of the products are beyond organic, meaning raw. wild and naturally occurring such a Shilajit seeping out of the ground in the Himalayas or wild seabuckthorn berries from the Baltic sea brimming with healthy fats and vitamins.

Geoff Brennan

I am a qualified biodynamic cranio sacral therapy practitioner of 4 years. During my training I discovered TRE  – tension trauma release exercises. I am qualified since 2 years and continue to work and grow while teaching this work. In 2017, I taught weekly TRE classes over a one year period in central America, mainly Mexico. Currently, I am practising both biodynamic cranio sacral therapy & TRE in Dublin.

Sharon Mundy

I trained with the Himalayan Yoga center which is an established international leader in the field of yoga and training, in India and gained my RYS 200 hour Diploma. The Series takes you through the modified Ashtanga yoga series with a strong focus on correct alignment. Each class begins with a short opening savasana and some Pranayama followed by warm ups to get you energized. My warm ups include aspects of Kundalini yoga. We then move to practicing standing, seated, lying and finishing Asanas. All classes finish with a hearty savasana to ensure you leave feeling entirely blissed out and completely energized. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. Progressive techniques of breath, posture and movement, cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. A deeper experience of the self becomes possible through consistent practice. My goal as a teacher is to inspire a passion for the practice so yoga will become part of your life. This class is for those who like a good workout and stretch and I promise you will not leave dissopointed.

Vishnu Panigrahi

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi has been steeped in spiritual endeavors since his childhood and even before his birth his great grandfather told his grand daughter (Vishnu’s mother-to-be) that there is a necessity of a boy from your home to be a spiritual devotee. The grand daughter prayed deeply over many months for a baby boy to come as her son and fulfill her great grandfather’s wish. After his birth mother would sing to the children every night songs and stories from the Ramayana (the famous epic on Rama Incarnation) and Puranas (the Indian versified Sanskrit encyclopedias of stories and narratives of divinities). As a young child his grandfather advised him to meditate for salvation and moksha and not indulge in prayers or rituals for lesser material or mundane purposes. A Radhe-Krishna Temple was constructed by the grandfather in their village in Orissa, India where Vishnu would frequently serve food and water to wandering sadhus who would come to rest for the night on the house verandah or temple verandah.

Orla Quinn 

My name is Orla Quinn and I run my Triskele Heart business from East Clare. 

I’m a qualified and experienced teacher and facilitator and have enjoyed a long career of doing both in the formal teaching sector and in international development. Since leaving my ‘professional career’ I’ve been fully dedicated to my Shamanic path, activating these codes in Peru and at home in Ireland. This path lead to today’s focus on shamanic sexual wellness. 

I now teach consent based workshops as well as doing one- on- one sexual awakening through a Sacred Shamanic lens. 

I believe that sexual energy is the foundation from which you live a healthy, creative and inspired life. We are created from the expression of this energy and however it is then expressed has a direct relationship to the quality of life and nourishment we experience everyday.

John Picard 

John Picard a respected male massage therapist, a recognised Reiki Master and Professional Tantra massage therapist, I continue to add to my extensive skill base by studying Shamanism, Tantra and Bioenergetic therapy with the world renowned and respected John Hawken. of The Tantric Path in the UK and Czech Republic. In 2013, I completed my Lomi Lomi massage training with Louise Kleu and in 2014 I attended Andrew Barnes intensive Tantric Body De Armouring training. In 2016 I graduated from the International School of Temple Arts, and have assisted as a tutor on the recent ISTA training in Ireland. In 2017 I graduated from my year long training at ” The Paths of Transformation”, with a certificate of professional training in the Art of Tantra Massage.

Louise Shanagher

Louise Shanagher is a children’s therapist, mindfulness teacher and Psychology Lecturer from Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Louise has a BA and MSc in Psychology and further qualifications in Psychotherapy and Play therapy. She is passionate about creating a happier and healthier world. Her mission is to promote and nurture positive mental health while equipping people with valuable self-care tools that will last a life time. She works with children as young as pre-school age and visits primary and secondary schools, nationwide.

Louise facilitates adult mindfulness and self-compassion workshops and offers wellbeing and mindfulness training in the workplace. Louise also regularly gives training workshops for teachers and other organisations who work with children and young people.

Gynastic Funtastic (Aleksandra)

My name is Aleksandra im from Poland and im in 12 years 5 years ago i finish my child care studies and after that I was working as a teacher in toddlers and playshool then i decided to open my own business so I went for gymnastic coaching course and 3 years ago i started to teach gymnastics but I’m working with children since I was 15 i love them and it’s my passion… Gymnastic Funtastic 4 location Drogheda Collon Dunleer Ardee 200 children…

Brigita Volkova

My name is Brigita Volkova , a RYT® 200 Hatha Yoga teacher. First time tried Hot Yoga class in 2013. Obsolutely had no idea what is Yoga and what I will have to do. The only thing I knew that it is a physical activity. I can say I was struguling a lot. I was fighting with myself, with my mind with my body. I was judging my unflexible body, my breathing was ‘ all over’. But by the end of the class I wasn’t fighting anymore, I realy connectted wih myself and I loved the class. I was so tired, but felt amazing. There and then something stayed with me. After that I was keep coming back and it just became part of my life. Few years ago I decided to become a Yoga teacher and fully connect my life with it. Yoga is a Lifestyle. Yoga helped me to find my inner balance and I now I am sharing my energy and knowledge with you all to help to find Your own inner balance and learn how to apply that in everyday life. Short introduction for my classes:Hatha Yoga’s combined focus on mindfulness, breathing and physical movements brings many health benefits as: better sleep, increased energy levels, improved circulation, muscle tone, benefit heart rate & blood pressure.My classes will include combination of different styles: Stability Yoga Core Yoga Flow Yoga (Strong & Energetic) Cardio Blast Yoga Restorative Yoga (Healing and Bliss Out) Joint Releasing Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Breathing Meditation


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