Vishnu Panigrahi

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi has been steeped in spiritual endeavors since his childhood and even before his birth his great grandfather told his grand daughter (Vishnu’s mother-to-be) that there is a necessity of a boy from your home to be a spiritual devotee. The grand daughter prayed deeply over many months for a baby boy to come as her son and fulfill her great grandfather’s wish. After his birth mother would sing to the children every night songs and stories from the Ramayana (the famous epic on Rama Incarnation) and Puranas (the Indian versified Sanskrit encyclopedias of stories and narratives of divinities). As a young child his grandfather advised him to meditate for salvation and moksha and not indulge in prayers or rituals for lesser material or mundane purposes. A Radhe-Krishna Temple was constructed by the grandfather in their village in Orissa, India where Vishnu would frequently serve food and water to wandering sadhus who would come to rest for the night on the house verandah or temple verandah.



Sukhada Smith-Repass

I have been involved in the Healing Arts for 20 years. Holistic therapies are a major aspect of my life. I love what I do & want to help others. I run a Holistic Center in Derrylin.


Niamh Daly

Hi! I’m Niamh Daly, of Yinstinct Yoga. I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga for 16 years, and have about 25 years experience in many forms of work connecting body/mind/emotion. 
After many years of striving (and believing, despite warnings from my body, that to be “good” at Yoga you should be pushing towards the “advanced” postures), I found that I was starting to doubt the wisdom of my habitual Yoga practice. So, with a joy found in Yin Yoga, embodiment dance meditation, and the softening that came with menopause, I began to explore… Out of this came Yinstinct Yoga, a unique practice that flows from intimate attention and response to our body’s calling, but with a hefty dose of up to date bio-mechanical research to hold my students safe.
As each of us is the greatest guru of our own body, nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement than to see my students (albeit with a basis of Yoga as a safe starting point, and rich resource) in completely different energies and shapes from mat to mat, and class to class. 



Livia Devi

Livia Devi, is a Yoga Teacher, Channeler, Energy Healer, Shaman Practitioner and Ayurveda Massage Therapist. Her journey into spirituality started after an intense healing crises following a burn-out that put her on the path of self-discovering, self-love and self-realization. She trained in India and Ireland, blending the eastern ancient wisdom with the western knowledge in her teachings and healing methods. One of her greatest gifts is the connection with her star family, the Arctuarians, an advanced civilization assisting humanity in the awakening and ascension process towards the 5th dimensional Earth. Through her teachings and channeled transmissions, Livia is serving the world with great honor and joy, inspiring people around the world to move into a heart-centered way of being and step into the New Age of Light!



Pauline Murray

Alignment based hatha yoga teacher enjoys teaching and seeing the huge benefits practice can bring to every body and mind.


Gita Ram

Hi, I am a movement, body positive fitness and mBraining (latest behaviour neuroscience) coach, I help people create movement and nature rich lives. I am a founder of Happy Out Movement, along with other areas, we specialize in Nordic Walking. We don’t wish to add more years to your life, we wish to add more life into your years. Through movement, Nature and Community 🙂


Orla Foley

Orla Foley, Msc, PT, BT, CST,Dip. works at Kincora Therapy Centre in Killaloe County Clare Ireland. The Kincora Therapy Centre in Killaloe, County Clare was set up in 2000 to educate both the public and the medical profession in complementary therapies. It is committed to delivering a single integrated approach to Healing Therapies for the general well being of its customers. Orla uses an array of effective therapies, from Physical Therapy, to Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Bowen Technique and yoga, to help you regain balance in your being and return to full health and vitality. Wellness is well mind, well body and a well spirit. Hatha yoga teacher since 2009 aerial yoga teacher since 2013 Used to teach Yoga UL Sports arena



Daniel Donciu

Daniel was initiated in the shamanic healing ways years ago in the peruvian Amazon jungle. After the first contact with the shamans in the Amazon jungle he became more and more interested in the shamanic traditions originated in Peru. The second trip to the Amazon jungle brought him a better understanding of the traditions, culture and the healing ways of the peruvian shamans. Trying to understand and learn more and more about the ancient shamanic healing ways originated in Peru Daniel found a mentor and teacher closer to the place that he lives, in Cork, Ireland. This teacher initiated him in the ancient peruvian shamanic healing ways of the Inka, ways that were kept for generations by the people called today Q’ero. After the initiation came a long process of apprenticeship that included a lot of self healing. During this time Daniel also attended different workshops and talks related to the Q’ero shamanic ways and a new shamanic trip to Peru where he attended shamanic ceremonies led by the Q’ero shamans Donna Agustina, Don Hernan si Don Sebastian Sucile Apaza. The ceremonies took place in sacred locations in The Sacred Valley, Cusco and the sacred mountain Ausangate.


Stephen Travers

Stephen Travers is Deputy Head of Havening for Europe & the UK & an International Havening Techniques Trainer. He is one of Ireland’s leading hypnotherapists & Certified Havening Techniques Practitioners. Stephen practices in two full time clinics based in Dublin. Stephen is Irelands first Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and is one of the most experienced Havening practitioners in the world. He is also an author, speaker and trainer with over a decade’s experience in successfully treating thousands of clients. You can check out his website www.stravershypnosis.com for a list of his services and clients video testimonials of the excellent results he achieves. Also you can view his media/TV interviews and coverage about the Havening Techniques on his You Tube channel see https://www.youtube.com/c/StephenTraversHypnosisDublin


Sharon Kirk

I run my business Mindful Living in the South Down area. I teach yoga, Mindfulness and Non Violent Communication through workshops and other mediums. I also offer communication coaching to individuals and couples



B Yoga

Hatha/ Vinyasa, Meditation and Pranayama yoga teacher, and life time student. Practicing since 2013, and teaching in Dublin Group classes, private classes. RYT 200 and currently in the process of studies for RYT 500 with international Yoga school of Amy Ippoliti in 90 Monkeys. She is sharing her knowledge and helping to discover inner balance, strength and peace on and off the mat.


Betom Mollica

25 years’ experience as Traditional Shivam Yoga Teacher.


Yogi Cho

Yogi Cho is the Principal of The Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild
Academy. He has been a Martial Arts & Yoga practitioner for over 40
years and is a skilled teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Healing
Sounds, Ling Chi Healing Art, Meditation and YogiChild.
In his teens, Yogi Cho was drawn to Western Magik as well as Eastern
Mysticism and he started his Martial Arts training at University in
Glasgow in 1978. In 1987 he left Scotland and headed to the Far East
and the Himalayas seeking enlightenment and Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!



Catherine Bernard

My name is Catherine, or in short Cat. I am originally from France, but I have been living in Ireland for nearly 20 years. My journey with yoga started around 15 years ago. I noticed right away the benefits to my health. I saw a vast improvement on my breathing, which helped me overcome a mild form of asthma. I spent 20 years in the corporate world, having studied Business and Marketing, working in Finance, Consulting, Sales/Marketing. I saw the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher as a path for self improvement and to help others. I started training in 2013 graduated in 2015. After an interesting and busy career working for companies, I am now self-employed. I use my business experience to work as a marketing/export consultant and I teach yoga. Having both gives me balance and fulfillment. Outside of work, I practice yoga and meditation to keep myself grounded and fit and I go horse riding, I have been taking lessons for a few years. I spend as much time outside as i can, preferably in the lovely Phoenix Park. I believe Yoga is for everyone. A practice can be as challenging or as relaxing as you need it to be.


Daniel Tighe

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am a Kundalini Yoga instructor. It would be an honour to share the beautiful teachings of Yogi Bhajan with the Masters of Calm community. I currently teach two classes a week in County Louth and recently hosted a retreat in Lanzarote. I’ve attended the last two festivals in Moynalty and Inis Rath Island and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with last year being particularly magical. I’m sure your choices will be wonderful. Sat Nam 🙏


David Gerulis

I am an artist and a father who has realised the Self. I had been blessed to experience this existence as the Awareness itself. Since this lasting experience that has become my life 4 years ago I had been transcending the conditioned aspects of me and have arrived to a place of harmony, ease and pure Being. It’s time to give back.



Geoff Brennan

Biodynamic cranio sacral therapy. Tension trauma release exercises (TRE)


Sandra Maria Kwiatkowsk

Singing is a natural potential of every human being. If you can talk you can sing. Western pop culture conditions our thinking into belief that singing is only for performers. But it’s not true. Singing is a natural, organic way of expression, of clearing our body-mind structure from accumulated emotions. Many researches show, that singing together rewires our brain and uplift our spirit. In Heart Singing Workshop we have a chance to release our voices, to open and reconnect with our hearts as well as with the others.


James Madden

Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Jyorei healer.



Marco Novara

Marco Novara is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Water Shiatsu practitioner, a Multidisciplinary Improvisation teacher, and a facilitator and assistant of plant medicine ceremonies. Marco studied Qi Gong and Taichi over the last 5 years in Ireland, India and Cambodia. In the last two years Marco has been teaching Qi Gong to groups in India and Ireland, and has been researching about the possibility to expand and combine the original forms of Oriental energetic practices with dance and body movement in a playful way. Marco believes in nature as source of knowledge and healing for body and mind. He has been working with Plant Medicines in South America, Europe and Middle East, since 2007, and has facilitated Sacred Mapacho ceremonies with groups since 2016 in Ireland and Spain.


Julia Cross

We are free to love
Let go of intrusions 
of all those illusions
We are free to love
Free your heart and mind
Let go of all fears
And what you will find
Is that your true world 
of Love and Light appears


Marie Angeline Lascaux

Marie Angeline has over twenty years’ experience of teaching yoga, healing and creativity to a wide range of groups asnd individuals from all walks of life. Her qualifications include: Yoga Therapy and Training Center Diploma Yoga Teacher 1998, Laughter Yoga Facilitator 2011, Shamanic Practitioner 2004, Reiki Master/Teacher 2000, Aura-Soma Presenter 2008, ITEC/FETAC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic Massage 2005 She has led Laughter Yoga workshops for a number of organisations including Amazone, Coca-Cola, Laurallyn, The recovery Walk, Jigsaw,, Moynalty Festival, City Spectacular, RTE 2 FM, Master of Calm, Health and Yoga days, and many more. She has led Shamanic Yoga Dance workshops in a wide range of venues including Master of Calm, Spirit of Folk, Quinta Mimosa Algarve, Moynalty Festival, Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Our Lady’s Island, Enable Ireland, Laurallyn, Chrysalis Holistic Center, as well as Omagh project to bring together both communities. She is committed to deliver quality tuition tailored to the needs of each group, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage positive changes in people’s lives. In promoting health and well-being, she is offering a model of healthy living with effective, easy to use Resilience Techniques, concentration exercises, and physical fitness tailored to the needs of each group. She is an intuitive healer who works from an inner place of knowing leading people to their inner self with love, great energy, and sensitivity, guiding each person to their potential.



Gen Kelsang Chitta

Our Resident Teacher at Potala Centre is Gen Kelsang Chitta who is a Kadampa Buddhist nun. Ordained directly by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Chitta has been his disciple for many years, studying Buddhism at numerous Kadampa teaching centres throughout the world. Chitta’s meditation classes are both relaxing and practical, containing tried and tested methods to promote inner peace and are filled with pragmatic advice on how to find genuine happiness in our daily lives.


Karol Liver

is a plant-based medicine researcher, art curator, devoted educator and wild adventurer at heart. He also is a Tsa Lung practitioner, Tibetan-Bon breathing and movement practice. Karol has been actively working with plant-based medicines and lived with indigenous tribes in the native environments in South America since 2012.

In 2015 he has launched Pangean Path, a successful research hub dedicated to various tools of personal development with a strong emphasis on plant-based medicinal work using various entheogens. His main aim with this project is to provoke serious education, as the main pillar of personal expansion and invite the audience to an open, constructive, and progressive discussion on the health and safety aspects of above-mentioned work.

Pangean project is currently composed of inspirational lectures on indigenous traditions, sacred tobacco gatherings, talks on the indigenous mythology and shamanism, gatherings in nature and expeditions to places of power around the world. Karol provides lectures on the subject of health and safety in relation to plant-based medicinal work and has been present with Pangean project in public spaces and on various festivals around Europe, North and South America and Indonesia.


Aoife and Lotte

Who is Aoife? Aoife Heery has a BA in Drama and Performance from DIT. She has performed in theatre and film dramas, kids theatre and cabaret, touring in Ireland, Germany and Spain. She has also worked in contemporary dance and through her travels explored tribal and oriental dance. In 2015 she graduated as a Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga Point. She lived ashram life in India, volunteering on therapy and advanced yoga training courses. In 2017 she returned to India to learn from an archaic Himalayan Tantrica Lineage along with Yoga for Trauma, with the Mandala Project in Cork. She specialises in Goddess Yoga, Kids’ Yoga and Dance Yoga.She has been the main teacher on retreats at Ibiza Yoga Centre and Kids camps in India. She runs her own Hatha and yoga Nidra courses in Galway. She also gives one-to-one Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars healing. Who is Lotte? Lotte discovered yoga at age 16 but it wasn´t until she was 26 that she started a daily yoga practice. This was just after finishing her studies in design and she started understanding how much her body and mind longed for balance and movement. She then did many yoga classes in different schools. Lotte also has been a zouk dancer for 5 years which is a fluid partner dance. She got to a point where she felt she needed space to express her individual emotions much more in dance and this is when she did a course in contemporary dance. She started to combine these 2 passions together with Aoife and decided that she wanted to dedicate herself professionally teaching others all the things she discovered through yoga and dance. She followed up with a Hatha teacher training course. To keep evolving she attends contemporary dance class, dances Zouk and studies anatomy and yoga. Lotte finds great joy in her movement practise, she is passionate in helping others care for their body and mind. She loves helping people improve their body image and self confidence though fun and inclusive classes that combine yoga and dance.



Marcella Gilliland

Community Drum Circle Facilitator


Marcin Stanek

I have been studying Shamanism and shamanic approach to the use of sound, breath an movement for many years. I have learned how different frequencies can induce certain states of awarness, opening to higher insights and going into trance states. How sound, breath and working with our body can help us to move and release energies, traumatic experiences and emotions stored in cellular memories of our bodies. During years of self exploration and experience gained through working with others both individually and in group setting, I received deep insights and understanding about working with Intention, Sound, Breath and Movement to assist others with emotional and mental wellbeing.


Kerry Walker

Kerry Walker’s love for nature and art has brought her on creative journey’s around the world. As an Art Therapist she has facilitated arts programs around the globe with a focus using art as a tool for integration and awareness. Now as a certified Forest Therapy guide she runs regular forest therapy walks in Brigit’s Garden, Galway. Forest Therapy, also known as “Shinrin-Yoku,” refers to the practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness. The practice follows the general principle that it is beneficial to spend time bathing in the atmosphere of the forest. The Japanese words translate into English as “Forest Bathing.” Forest Therapy walks are gentle guided walks that enhance wellbeing through sensory connection in nature. Forest Therapy or walks have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, boost the immune system and improve sleep. “The forest is the therapist, the guide opens the door”




Xavier Vercaemst is originally from Belgium and has been living in Ireland for 15 years. His journey into spirituality started 10 years ago after an intense healing crisis. “I have met some truly amazing people along my path which I can call earth angels or guides. A spiritual revelation one day set me back on what is the most exciting spiritual path in my life.” He discovered many healing paths like Reiki, Amatsu, Quantum touch, Qi gong, Tai chi & Ninjitsu which he is certified in. Very recently and more specifically on the 28th September 2015 when the triple red moon appeared, Xavier went into the most profound states of receptivity where a 10th dimensional being of Sirius empowered him to do initiations in the new paradigm of living from the heart, the era of 5th dimensional heart consciousness. Since then he has been guiding people into realising & embodying their true nature of Being and fully living from the heart.


John Picard

I am a massage therapist and professional Tantra practitioner, with a practise in Athlone and Dublin.


Tatjana Simakova

I am well established in my area (Ennis, Co Clare)… A taster two-hour class – 30+ participants.. A six-week program – up to 8 participants (I keep the groups small to provide quality service)..



Agata (aka Wellness Ninja)

My journey into meditation and holistic medicine started years ago, when my mum got seriously ill.

Searching for ways to help, I started researching alternative, non-mainstream or simply put natural healing methods. When I shared my knowledge with friends I quickly realised that there are a lot of people wanting and waiting to hear more.

I am a mum and entrepreneur, trained in nutrition and awarded a Master Certificate in Medicinal Cannabis. I am vigorously and lovingly continuing to expand my horizons through Elemental and Plant medicine, NLP, raw dieting, EFT, Indian head massage and my beloved Aromatherapy.



Sakhya Prema 

Sakhya Prema born into a musical family in Wales UK Nov 1957
Musician / Teacher 
Lived in London 30 years
Scotland 4 years
Now lives with wife Kavita in Birmingham, West Midlands
Instruments: Piano, harmonium, guitar, keyboards, Bengali khol clay drum, karatal
Practiced yoga since 1977
Studied Psychology, Metaphysics and Spiritual Sciences since 1976
Traveled to India 14 times, Africa, Mauritius, USA, Europe
Spiritual Path: Gaudiya Vaishnavism


Linda Martin

Linda started to practice Kundalini Yoga after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a life long digestive illness in 2008. After just 1 class she went from constant fatigue to vitality and a month later she signed up to the teacher training so she could learn why it worked and what made it so powerful. Almost 10 years later Linda is still learning, and while doing so, loves to share the deep transformative practice of Kundalini Yoga with others who may be looking for some change in their life. Each class will bring you closer to who you really are.